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2 Days Mount Toubkal Trek From Marrakech itinerary:

Day 1- Marrakech – Imlil – Toubkal Refuge

Day 2-Toubkal Summit – Imlil – Marrakech

Toubkal trekking Morocco, climb toubkal summit 

North Africa’s highest peak, Jebel Toubkal vaults 4167m into the heavens in the Central High Atlas, dishing up views that more than reward the effort of trawling up there.

Morocco offers trips and  tours for all tastes. One of the best things to do when you are in Morocco is a trekking activity in the high Atlas Mountains. Trek Atlas is a nice experience out there.

The High Atlas Mountains near Marrakech offer some of the finest trekking in the world. This a stunning four day trek in the High Atlas Mountains of Morocco. We trek through a variety of landscapes from lush valleys to barren rock. The route takes us through colourful Berber villages, over nice mountain passes slowly ascending to our highest point at 4,167m at the top of Mount Toubkal, North Africa’s highest mountain.

Our trek to Toubkal, leads to the discovery of lunar landscapes, through tiny villages clinging to the hillside, lined with walnut trees, apple, terraced fields, where only the collar possible to pass from a valley or one village to another.


Day 1- Marrakech – Imlil – Toubkal Refuge

A  short transfer of two hours on a private vehicle towards  Imlil village  where you’ll meet the muleteer who will bring your luggage to the lodge. After a traditional lunch, begin the trek by discovering the ingenuity of the Berber mountaineers: irrigation canals, terraced farming ,mills … and villages sitting on the slopes of the valley up to the tizi n’Tamatert (2272 m); everything here is designed to not waste a single acre of fertile land.

Night in Imlil.

.Walking time: 2 h 30.

.  A: 600 m – D: 500 m.

  • Transfer: 1 h 30 to 2 h.

Day 2 : Imlil –Toubkal refuge

The climb towards the shelter begins following the channels that irrigate the terraced crops. After the lunch break at Sidi Chamarouch’s small village (and marabout), the mountain becomes more arid and only a few bleatings of goats and sheep guarded by young shepherds accompany your walk. Night at the Toubkal refuge (Neltner refuge, 3210 m).

.  Walking time: 5 h 00.

.  A: 1200 m.


Day 2-Toubkal Summit – Imlil – Marrakech

descent to Imlil by the same way . The driver is waiting in the village to take you back to Marrakech.

Walking time: 6h.
.  D: 1440 m.
• Transfer: 1 h 30 to 2 h


Imlil as a village is a relatively new creation; it was created to cater for the amount of tourists pouring through en route to Toubkal. The original communities still exist in the valleys around: Tamatert; Ait Souka; Tagadirt; Ashayn; Taourirt n’Ait Mizane; Mzikene and Arghene. Before the advent of mountain tourism the Imlil area was well known for its walnuts, apples and cherry production.

 Also known as Jbel Toubkal, this impressive massif is a mecca fort rekkers who climb to the summit for magnificent views of the Atlas range, and the satisfaction of conquering one of Africa’s most famous mountains. It is the central attraction of Morocco’s Mount Toubkal National Park. An ascent of Mount Toubkal is one of Morocco’s most popular attractions, achieved in as little as two days, but normally included as a highlight of a longer trek inthe High Atlas, of up to 10 days or more. 

2 Days Mount Toubkal Trek From Marrakech

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