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Moroccan Festivals and Events to Experience

Morocco Festivals

Moroccan Festivals and Events to Experience


Many interesting Moroccan festivals and  events To experience  happen during the year around Morocco here is a list of the ones that are not to be missed if you are visiting on the same dates  : 


 The Rose Festival in Morocco: April – May 

Moroccan Festivals and Events to ExperienceEach April and May the valley is flooded with local women picking roses to be shipped off to factories in nearby Kelaat Mgouna, Where they are turned into everything from shampoo to hand creams; cure-alls, and nasal decongestants.

these local rose products are the lifeblood of the Rose Valley community, and every year the region has a festival that celebrates the harvest of Roses, the festival has no fixed dates as it depends on the harvest of roses and weather each year is different, usually end of April or beginning of May.

This annual Moussem lasts 3 days and is very interesting to watch the traditional Berber local tribes singing, and dancing, and you can try delicious food and the Rose Queen: An important part of the festivities is the election of a rose queen each year after a competition between ladies from a different rose-growing district, travelers and locals come from all over to attend the ceremony.

The Gnawa Festival In Morocco: June 

hosted in the coastal town of Essaouira, is a celebration of beats and soul-stirring melodies. Drawing from centuries-old traditions, this dynamic event showcases the hypnotic rhythms of Gnawa music alongside performances from musicians around the world. Normally it happens every June of the year and lasts 3 days with a lineup of Moroccan and international artists alongside Gnawa Maallems, it has 2 main public stages that are free to attend (in the big square and beach stage), and more private intimate concerts as well. 

Imilchil wedding festival in Morocco: September 

Imilchil is located high up in the lake plateau of the Middle Atlas Mountains in Morocco.  an annual celebration  that opens a window into traditional mountain culture and marriage customs through courtship rituals passed down generations.

The Imilchil Marriage Festival originated from a legend of tragic forbidden love. As the story goes, a young man and woman, Isli and Tislet, from warring Amazigh tribes in the  Atlas Mountains fell in love. Their families forbade their union due to the animosity between the tribes. According to the legend, the families, ridden by guilt, established a day on the anniversary of their deaths that young members of the tribes could marry each other, to prevent another tragedy from befalling a young couple again.  From that, the Imilchil Marriage Festival was born and still carries on to this day as a symbol of both love and tragedy.

The festival is held to allow young men and woman from the various tribes to meet. Couples also get engaged at the festival, but tie the knot at a later time at a wedding venue of their choice. It is a joyful event that is accompanied by rhythmic music, great feasts, singing, dancing and of course…a little flirting. Woman available for marriage and who are seeking a husband are dressed in traditional attire, and men that are looking for a bride, are easily visible in their white dress.

Moroccan Festivals and Events to Experience

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